Oct 2013
"This is a very well made product. Much nicer than I expected. 
Very easy transaction. I am proud to show my husband's service with the Command Pilot wings hitch cover!!

Thank you!"

Lubbock, TX


Oct 2013:
"I received my silver dolphins today and I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed I am with your product. I feel a little silly thanking a company for shipping something exactly as advertised, but with as much junk and BS as you find on the web, this was a refreshing change. I had been looking for something to personalize my jeep, but I'm not a big fan of tacky stickers. I had seen other submarine dolphin hitch covers, but they were cheap plastic ovals with a bad picture of dolphins embossed in chrome foil or something. The Submarine Warfare qualification wasn't something we took lightly, and a set of dolphins was treated with almost religious respect. Those cheap plastic things just didn't seem to fit. Your product is an absolutely perfect copy of the real thing, and is just the right size- big enough to be seen but not ostentatious. It was also nice not to see "made in china" stamped on the back!

Thank you for making a high-quality item like this that does justice to the qualification it represents, and thank you for shipping so quickly. I'm going to share my great find with my ex-navy buddies and on a Jeep forum or two, I haven't been this satisfied with a web purchase in a long time!"
Lake Elsinore, CA 


Nov 2013
"Excellent product, well made, perfect replica of the enlisted Submarine Dolphin Insignia.
The finish is flawless both on the insignia and the hitch link piece. Your installation
instructions regarding adding some paper in the 9/16th socket to keep the bolt from
sinking too far into the socket so the bolt threads could catch when aligned was exactly
what was needed to join the two items together. You guys thought of everything and it 
shows. All this said the price is not only justified it is fair. You get what you pay for!" 
Centereach, NY
Nov 2013
"I recently purchased two Hitch Covers from Heavy Metal Accessories.  One Master Army Aviator Badge Hitch Cover for myself and one Army Basic Parachute Badge Hitch Cover as a gift for my brother.  When I received my purchases I was amazed by the quality, ruggedness and beauty of the product.  It is a great way to display your pride in your military accomplishments.  The Hitch Covers are well made and look outstanding and are great as a gift for yourself or for others who have served!"
Valencia, CA


Mar 2014
"We received the Navy Air crewman hitch cover today. It was beautiful! Hubby immediately put it on and we took a pic and posted it to Facebook. Everyone loved it and asked where we got it so I posted your web link. Hopefully you will get a few orders your way."
Thanks again.

Love it

Crawford, TX


Aug 2017

"100% satisfied. I'm impressed with the quality of the fish, I love it. They haven't left the truck since I received it.
New York


"Great detail and simply incredible workmanship!"