Do Heavy Metal Hitch Covers require any maintenance?

You should periodically (i.e. at least once a month) check the security of your hitch cover, by verifying the attaching bolt is still tight.  Use a 9/16” socket w/extension and a ratchet, confirm that bolt is hand-tight.

How do I clean my Heavy Metal Hitch Cover? 

Simply wash your hitch cover the same way you wash your vehicle…with soap and rag/brush.  Note:  DO NOT use steel wool or any other abrasive material on hitch cover, because micro-scratches may result, which may result in corrosion or degradation to stainless steel/PVD finishes.

Are Heavy Metal Hitch Covers theft-proof?

No.  Heavy Metal Hitch Cover are designed so the wings cannot be twisted off the post; however, you will need a locking hitch pin to secure the hitch cover post to the vehicle.  Heavy Metal Accessories does not sell hitch locks, as hitch receivers vary widely. 

Does HMA ship to APO/FPO addresses? 

Yes, HMA ships to APO and FPO military addresses, as well all U.S. states, commonwealths and territories.  We also will ship to anywhere in Canada.  If you live elsewhere, please call or email us to arrange purchase and shipment.

Do Heavy Metal Hitch Covers rattle?

You may experience some noticeable rattling, if your hitch receiver is loose or worn.  To resolve the issue, you can either purchase an anti-rattle locking pin from your local auto parts store, or simply wrap enough black cotton-based athletic tape around the post.  Either way works fine.

Will HMA ever produce a hitch cover with my wings/device?

Due to the considerable capital investment required for each new hitch cover, we will only expand our line when we have received sufficient requests.  Please select the “?” wings on your service’s product page, and let us know which wings/device you would like to see produced.  We will keep your email address on file, and let you know when we start production. 

What is HMA's return policy?

If, upon receipt, you do not approve of the product's aesthetics or physical properties, then email us for a return authorization at  We will gladly refund your purchase.  Hitch covers CANNOT be returned after assembly (due to thread-locking compound, scratches, etc.).