At Heavy Metal Accessories, we believe it’s important to support the American Economy, by supporting the American Worker.  That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure our products are 100% Made in USA, using only USA-sourced materials.

Our hitch covers are hand-cast in solid 316 surgical stainless steel at one of Southern California’s premier art-investment casting facilities.  316L stainless steel was chosen for its extreme resistance to corrosion, and its castability.

The rough casting is hand finished, then either hand-polished (for oxidized-look) or Bright-polished (shiny).  Hand-polished castings are left with hardened excess polishing compound on the surface, giving it that classic “oxidized” look.  Bright-polishing is essentially the reverse process of electro-plating; instead of electrochemically adding a surface coating, we electrochemically remove surface contaminants, which brings chromium to the surface of the stainless steel, leaving a brilliant, silver appearance.

Finally, the gold devices are coated with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), a process which applies a molecularly-bonded, corrosion proof finish that will last for many years.  PVD Coating is the most advanced, longest-lasting finish available today.  It is extremely corrosion and UV resistant.  Although expensive (it’s the same process used to coat industrial drill bits and cutting tools, medical instruments and fine jewelry), it’s the best coating to ensure your hitch cover will stay looking great for many years.

The mounting posts are manufactured from USA sourced DOM cold-rolled steel.  The pin and mounting holes are laser cut, end cap is laser welded, and then the finished post is painted satin black. 

At Heavy Metal Accessories, we know that we could have produced these hitch covers much cheaper overseas, using cheaper processes and materials; however, we thought America’s Heroes would appreciate having a fine, great-looking symbol of their service that was made by their fellow Americans.  Hand-crafted by skilled artisans, each hitch cover is unique, and will look great for many, many years.